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September 26, 2019
last modified: September 26, 2019

My questions are about mulch. I have never used mulch in my gardens . I weed instead but as I get older hours of being bent over at a 90 degree angle is taking it's toll so my questions are these:

1. How deep does mulch have to be to do a decent job ?

2. How does one keep debris from settling on mulch . I take it it cant be raked like the ground can to remove leaves . Do you just let them fall where they fall ?

3. Does it need to be replenished every year ?

4. How close to the daylilies does it need to be or can it be up touching the plant ?

5. We are very dry here through the summer , do I water on top of the mulch or am I counting on mulch to retain whatever moisture is under the mulch

6. Is one type of mulch better than an other ? i.e. hardwood versus softwood ? rubber? etc . I have read about pine fines being used in growing daylilies in pots so should the mulch be pine ? I can't seem to find pine fines here anywhere.

7. please feel free to make suggestions . I am interested in hearing about the good , the bad and the ugly

Thanks for any input !

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