Fertilization/Pruning schedule in SoCal

Thank you all in advance for entertaining a newbie question. I have been trying to figure out whether I need to give a high-K fertilizer in the next month or so to my roses to get them prepared for dormancy here in SoCal.

I read recommendations to give a high-potassium fertilizer in the late fall, which causes leaves to drop, then January prune and defoliate and clean up the area around the roses, and apply horticultural spray, and then apply rose food, spread compost, and mulch by February.

Is this all appropriate for SoCal. I am moving my container roses into the prepared ground in January, and want to know if the high-K fertilizer applies to container roses. I also am not quite sure what horticultural spray to use. I read it serves to kill insect eggs and fungal spores, but is there a brand that I should be getting?

Do I treat roses of every class with the above protocol? Tea roses? Floribundas? Hybrid Musks?

I am not not looking forward to defoliating my Julia Child... it has the nicest leaves and largest thorns of my humble collection.

Thank you all for your thoughts! I apologize if this is a very beginner question...

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