Molasses for plants?

October 6, 2019

I dont get out much and on my little path to gardening I have never heard of molasses being added to plants as a fertilizer, to the soil or as a foliar spray. Not among friends, family or in my reading. Molasses is nothing exotic. Its been there, easy to find in most cultures for several centuries. Yet I had never heard of it being used for plants. All of a sudden I am seeing it everywhere, in commercial fertilizer blends and people adding it to their personal mixes.

Looking through the WWW there are so many people for it and some of course some think its dumb and pointless or can be detrimental.

The most common reason given is that molasses feeds soil microbes.....and for its minerals and as a defense against soft bodied insects...

there are so many pros and cons offered by arm chair pundits. its what one can see happening in the garden that matters even if it defies reason for the moment.

I invite you to please share anything about plants and molasses, your experience with it, your thoughts, your opinions...anything at all. We are all gardeners here, caring much for our plants and I would love to learn about this topic. And I am sure many others would too.

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