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About ten years ago I bought two roses called the Magician from Heirloom and planted it at my mother's house. It took time going but each year it improved. The third to fourth year it really took off like gangbusters. It was well worth the wait. It was pegged as a continual bloomer and a "very hardy plant."

I was so impressed that years later I bought 2 Magician roses for myself at which time Heirloom changed hands and has new owners. They came in gallon plants, one of them didn't survive the winter, the other one I still have.

Here are some differences, it acts more like a climber where the other 2 I got for my mother acted like sturdy 6-7 foot shrub roses. Mine is only 4 1/2 feet after 4 years. It blooms only once each year with very little repeat. I fertilize it and take care of it more than the other 2 at my mothers. I understand location, soil and sun can factor but it gets adequate sun.

My question is will it ever get better or is this a dud? From my understanding because it's a climber/shrub it could take longer to establish but I saw how the other 2 at my mother's developed over the years and it's not what mine is doing here. I'm hoping it'll improve otherwise I'll have to shovel prune it and replace it with Flutterbye which is similar but I'm hoping it will take off.

My next issue is with Linda Campbell, four years and it hasn't filled out much, it seems one long cane and that's all. It's in a semi shade location. Maybe I'm being impatient considering it's a rugosa but still 4 years is a long time.

Thanks for any help

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