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Dotsie Adams 8b
October 25, 2019

I got an email from Palatine that one of their rose fields didn’t produce well, and they may not have one of the roses I ordered. They will email before November 6th to let me know. Anyone else?

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  • bayarea_girl

    Thank you for the update. I checked my email and saw the email that they sent. Here is the email content. It's very nice of them to do it. Helen

    Dear Rose Customer,

    We have now harvested all our rose fields and grading is starting on Monday. While harvesting we found that one of the fields yielded smaller rose plants than usual.

    You may or may not know this but we grow the roses that we sell. Regrettably with the combination of this wet summer and the particular location of one of the rose fields some of these roses are below our standard size.

    There is a very good chance that we cannot supply you with a number one rose if the rose was produced in that particular rose field. We will personally contact you before November 6 if any of your ordered roses are affected by this.

    These are the options available for roses coming from this field:

    1. We can offer a lower grade rose (meaning it has two canes or three smaller canes) for the cost of $10.00. Our experience has been that if these smaller roses are initially pruned back hard (to promote basel shoots) they will then easily grow.
    1. You can provide us with an alternative rose selection.
    1. Of course you can cancel the rose and we will refund you. The three rose minimum will be waived for all cancelations as a result of this.

    We are sorry for any and all disappointments this may cause you this year. However, we feel transparency to our customers is important.

    We would like to take this time to let you know that the line up for September 2020 has exciting new rose cultivars, with a great assortment, our inventory numbers are going to be larger AND the roses are looking great.

    From all of us at Palatine

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  • Dotsie Adams 8b

    Thank you! I couldn’t figure out how to share it. Yes, very nice of them. I really like their customer service!

  • kathyc_z10

    Yes, I got the same. I really appreciate their communication about it!

  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    I didn’t get this email , so I wonder what roses were affected? Anyone know ?

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    I didn’t get the email either

  • Christian

    I got this email as well. I ordered two Augusta luise, and a dee-Lish.

  • Dave6aMO

    I received it also. I plan on still accepting the smaller size rose if one I ordered is affected. I appreciate the heads up from them.

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    And katyajini thinks she has problems

    This email has reduced me to a state of high anxiety.

  • Kimberly zone 10 so cal

    i got the email too. i ordered 7 roses, including augusta luise.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    I received the email as well. Smaller grade plants are fine with me, some of the bands and own-roots we get are smaller than #2 grade. I just hope they have the varieties available, regardless of size.

  • katyajini

    I got the email too! Oh no that means I am not going to get something I ordered (now that I now what to do with them). Here is hoping for the best. Some of us will get all that we ordered since apparently there are fewer roses than they expected, but some grew....

    rifis sorry for your anxiety. it will all work out, somehow.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    I would take the smaller plant. I'm sure they will do fine. I wouldn't even cut them back. Let them grow.

  • alameda/zone 8/East Texas

    To me, taking the smaller plant is better than not getting what I want. Will be anxious to hear.........Palatine sends such great plants that even their smaller plants will be just as good and grow as well.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Spoke too soon. Now I have the email as well

  • rifis (zone 6b-7a NJ)

    Very little sleep last night.

    Didn't touch my breakfast today.

    I hope I'm not personally contacted before Nov 6.

    To say I'm quite concerned is an understatement

    I think that we, as a forum, must guard against the possibility of falling victim to mass hysteria.

    I say this even though I am not a board-certified psychopathologist.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    god I hope you’re kidding cause I just spit tea all over my phone.


  • Paul Barden

    Much ado about nothing, IMO. If Palatine can raise robust, healthy plants starting from a single bud grafted onto a pencil-sized stick of multiflora, then surely any one of us can grow on a grade two plant deemed "sub-standard" by the grower, yes??! I'd take the smaller plant without hesitation. Several times I did accept grade 2 plants from Pickering and never regretted it. They always grew into fine plants.

  • subk3

    I got the email too, and am not worried in the least. Palatine sent me the biggest, most robust, best performing first year roses I've ever received last spring. I'm impressed and appreciative they sent out the email, and I plan keep the smaller plants and then put back any savings I might get into increasing my order with them. I love small businesses that when they have a problem use it leverage it into an opportunity to build customer loyalty.

  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Well I got it too lol . I’ll take the roses they send just fine !! I too love palantine and they are my favorite place to order from since they have so many unique roses . :)

  • pippacovalent

    I got it too and I agree that whatever they send will likely be lovely.

  • haku84_zone9

    Count me in. I received the e-mail too and agree, they always send big robust roses and all have thrived very well for me. I will take the smaller bands. Makes planting a bit easier.

  • Kimberly zone 10 so cal

    Has anyone been contacted yet? The email says "by Nov 6". Just wondering if they've started reaching out yet.

  • Dotsie Adams 8b

    Hi Kimberly! I haven't received one yet. We shall see.... :)

  • vesfl (zone 5b/6a, Western NY)

    FWIW, it happened with one rose I ordered from them last year. Not that the entire field was affected but just happened to be the case with the last specimen I came to personally pick up. They offered me refund etc. but luckily I decided to buy it anyway and it's doing just fine.

  • kathyc_z10

    I received an email from Rachel at Palatine regarding my order and ended up speaking with her on the phone. The rose I ordered, Black Caviar, was affected--i could not even get a rose band as the earlier email stated. The issue with the roses was caused by the soil in a rented field they used. It was great to talk with her and I appreciated the attention to quality they have!

  • Rockridge Rose

    no pompon veranda :(

    sencond year in a row I missed it. does anyone else sell it? it's the only reason I ordered from them.

  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Pompon , piroette and Augusta Louise were affected on my order , I had the option of getting the smaller bands so I did . The lady I spoke to was so kind ! I can’t wait to get my order soon :)

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Ohhhhhhh no Pompon veranda for me =(( at all. I guess all the smaller bands were not enough for everyone. I asked for them to be replaced by quicksilver if at all possible (sold out currently), but maybe they have 1 or two left in the inventory??? Will substitute for Pomponella or earth angel but I already have several of those two. I really needed super blackspot resistant roses for what I am doing with these and I don’t know much about the bs resistance of all of those other beautiful roses they have listed to risk it.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Yikes, I think Rachel planned to let everyone know by Nov 6...Close of Business at Palatine on Nov 6 can’t come soon enough!

  • Kimberly zone 10 so cal

    I just got the email and my order for Papi Delbard was affected. Sounds like this was a real mess for them. I hope everyone they are dealing with is as understanding as we all seem to be!

  • alameda/zone 8/East Texas

    Affected for me are Papi Delbard, Barock and Augusta Louise. I took them - will pot up and grow - glad to have them, only $10 each! These problems can happen so I am not worried about it - at least I am getting the roses! Glad it was just 3!


  • dianela7bnorthal

    Kimberly I am also hopping everyone handles their disappointment well and does not give Rachel any grief over their messed up orders. As disappointing as not getting a rose is, it is much worse for Palatine. They have worked hard to produce these beauties and now they are losing money. Small business definitely suffer when things like this happen. Wishing the best to Palatine for the next crop of roses and I will just try again next year.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    It’s Nov 7th, so hopefully that means if we didn’t hear from Rachel, it means Palantine has what we ordered in stock. Fingers crossed1

    Sorry to those who didn’t get everything they wanted, but hope everyone got some of their order. Hope Rachel can take a break for delivering disappointing news, too

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Ben I think you are correct. Rachel emailed me today that not only my pompon isn’t available but my quicksilver “haven’t been rated and are hard to get to” =( what does that even mean? Anyway I am not getting either of the two roses I ordered now and hopefully will get QS in the spring. So I think if by now someone hasn’t heard from her you are good to go =)

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Sorry to hear that, Dianela. Regan has both Quicksilver and Lady Emma so maybe that could be an alternative for some of what you want.

    ’Hard to get to”?!? Maybe its nestled among vicious thorny roses like Gertrude Jekyll.

  • alameda/zone 8/East Texas

    dianela, I am sorry your roses arent available. Quicksilver should be available elsewhere - I have seen it at my local Lowes. Chamblees has carried it - although I havent been to the new nursery since Chamblees sold, I feel sure they would send excellent plants. Check with other nurseries to see if they carry this one. Perhaps ask Rachel to put you on the list for next year. There are so many interesting new roses out for 2020, maybe you could find something that would pique your interest in place of that one.......

    ben........hope you get all the ones you ordered! I may tell them if they can, to hold off shipping a week - we are due to get down to 24 next Tuesday - are you due that Arctic blast? Am sure dreading that - we are checking and rewrapping pipes now. I just had my greenhouse reworked - carpenters still have their tools in it, have to hurry and get things situated!

    I just hope Palatine will weather this storm and it wont affect them too much. They send beautiful quality plants that grow well, are wonderful to do business with and understanding for this unfortunate situation.

  • dianela7bnorthal

    Thank you Alameda. Rachel will send me quicksilver next spring she just won’t be able to send it to me this week like it was supposed to happen. I wish my Lowe’s or any local place would carry something as awesome as quicksilver. I hope all your things get situated without any issues before the cold weather hits.

  • alameda/zone 8/East Texas

    Glad you are getting your Quicksilver even though it will be delayed! Will you get Pompon also? Am getting ready to make an order with Edmunds......they have Cl. Lady in Red, one I have been wanting, also want Perfume Factory and a few others.....I have some small roses just in from High Country Roses that will most certainly be in the greenhouse under heat lights and a heater, also 3 unknown big yellow minis from Walmart that are really doing well and sure dont need to try to survive this Arctic blast! You will enjoy your Quicksilver - its a lovely color, a very strong growing rose. It seems to flower at the top of its long I keep it cut back to get more flowers. You will like it!


  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    Yes , the arctic blast is coming Monday here. Supposed to get down to 27...I have so many buds I’d like to see bloom, may still happen if that cold air doesn’t hang around too long or get much colder than that.

    I’m having all mine shipped at the earliest spring date, except for Chandos Beauty, which I want in my possession ASAP, lol. While I like getting things established in fall, my area can get very dry winter winds, so I feel spring is safer.

  • katyajini

    I didnt get an email either. Whew. Felt like a scene from Oliver Twist. I am sorry to all of that had to be disappointed.

    Its all over. Tomorrow night we are having well below freezing temperatures. Then all next week. Everything was still looking so good and I was enjoying it.

  • haku84_zone9

    I didnt get a call or an additional email... my roses shipped yesterday! Should be here next Monday.

  • Dave6aMO

    I didn’t get a call but learned that they couldn’t provide the two Black Caviar I ordered when adding a couple of roses to my order this week. I’m just glad I learned this now and not in the spring and grateful I was able to get the others and add a couple of OGRs I’ve really wanted to grow. Hopefully next year Palatine will not experience the same loss - I know this has to be significantly harder for them.

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