How do you do rustic chic?

Peggy Aronson
November 7, 2019
last modified: November 7, 2019

This is our living room. The picture is taken from the entry hall. The window wall is 15'6" wide and the room is 11' deep. The ceiling is 14' at the peak of the fireplace. We live in the Pacific Northwest and love a contemporary rustic style. Other than bringing in blankets and pillows I've never been able to pull it together. Our house is ten years old so we're ready for interior paint and a general refresh. We love color, especially a warm palette. The floors underneath this rug are brown poured concrete. The puppy is a year old now so maybe we can splurge on a rug?

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  • acm

    Can't quite parse the layout. Sure, a nicer rug would be good. Is the leather a chair? maybe it and the other arm chair (any chance to recover it?) could have a table between them with a lamp? looks pretty empty over there...

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  • Peggy Aronson

    Yes, the chairs separate the entry hall from the LR. There's a chinese elm stool between them. No outlet for a lamp nearby. Recover?

  • decoenthusiaste

    From the photos you've shared, I think you could take inspiration from some Frank Lloyd Wright interiors. Grab some coffee table books from the library that feature his homes, and spend the weekend just absorbing his aesthetic.

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  • ShadyWillowFarm

    The TV needs to move somewhere less obtrusive. If you are going to keep the open shelves, you need to tidy and order the books and objects on them. I’d go with a much lighter wall color and let the wood and stone and concrete floor stand out.

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  • happyleg

    I think it looks pretty nice, maybe a storage ottoman for those books?

  • Peggy Aronson

    The books can move. I've always wondered if I could put a bench beside the fireplace but it might be too crowded.

  • happyleg

    Maybe if chairs are angled?

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  • PRO

    Hate to say it: The first thing to go would be the window seat. It is denying you the most logical placement for a sofa OR a TV . Are you a family with kids, or a couple alone ?

    The mirror above the fire? Not great for "rustic chic". Even contemporary rustic chic.

    Draw the room to scale, go ahead and include the window seat as is, and put every possible dimension of everything on there. : ) Including the height of the windowsill from the floor.

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  • housegal200

    That's a beautiful room. You'll want to play up the warm reddish tones of the trim rather than the gray and black cool tones of the fireplace, TV, and silver tones of the mirror). Here's an article on wall colors that go well with wood trim. Take note of the section on cream wall paint. https://www.houzz.com/magazine/11-terrific-paint-color-matches-for-wood-details-stsetivw-vs~9025200

    Three things you could change out right away are the mirror over the fireplace with a dramatic art work--oversize abstract landscape in a warm palette that still echoes your sofa. Add a subtle patterned rug that links with whatever art work you have. Add pillows in warm tones. Re-cover your armchair and window bench in reddish/gold solid.

    "Dawn" By Maurice Sapiro, Original · More Info

    Rizzy Anna Redmond AD2531 2'6"x8' Grey, Orange Rug · More Info

    Re-cover your window bench cushion and your arm chair, going for warm earthy tones.

    Cargo Red and Gold Throw Pillow · More Info

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    That mirror needs to find a new home for sure and the window seat is only good if you actually use it for seating the book shelves are a cluttered mess and that TV needs to go somwhere else. Here are some pics of rustic / chic LRs is this what you want?

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  • Peggy Aronson

    Housegal200, that's very helpful information! Thank you so much for the suggestions.

  • J Williams

    There are probably many iterations of rustic chic. Personally, I wouldn’t try to cover your whole floor with rug, looks like an interesting floor. Agree, mirror looks a little out of place.

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  • Peggy Aronson

    Jan Moyer and Patricia Colwell, yes, I've slowly come to the conclusion that the window seat is a problem and have called our GC to see if we can use it in another location. We are a newly retired couple, no kids, and we binge lots of TV. Would the TV be less obtrusive if I painted the rest of the TV wall charcoal/black, or is that a mistake? Yes, those pictures you posted are spot-on, I'm trying for texture and a mix of metals, nothing country. It's amazing what a trained eye can see immediately, so thanks so much for the feedback.

  • IdaClaire

    Agree about studying and perhaps embracing a Frank Lloyd Wright aesthetic. I think your lovely space lends itself well to a soft leaning towards simple Asian elements. I would not touch that window seat, as it is part of what makes this room so inviting. Also agree that the mirror is doing the room no favors.

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  • LT Dub

    Beautiful room and love the window!!! What’s on the other side of the this room?

    I noticed you said you like to watch television

    maybe a console and TV where the couch is

    couch face the window (instead of the 2 chairs) with sofa table behind it

    put the 2 chairs on either side of the fireplace facing the new TV location

    this if you want to keep the window seat

    as far as rustic chic, you may need to change the furniture, brighten it up and then bring in color

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  • Peggy Aronson

    LT Dub, I love your style, lots of texture and layers and color! There's a casual vibe here that really appeals to me. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

  • PRO

    A couple ALONE : ) If you'd draw that space? My bet, is without even a removal of the window seat, you could relocate the tv to the sofa wall, center FOUR super comfy swivel chairs around a round cocktail table in the center of the room.........put a fab console where the sofa is now, and mount the tv above on that wall

    It's a great way to gather with another couple. and NO law says a room must have a sofa. A drawing and dimensions would allow one of us to help you.

    A more glam oriented room below, so this is NOT color and style suggestion, but they never used the space at all until we did this........and its the go to with friends , now. Yes it has a tv,

    Interior Design Work · More Info

  • njmomma

    Not a Pro.

    The first thing that I saw in your beautiful room was the mirror. That would be the first thing I replace. Sorry to say it does not fit that beautiful room at all.

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  • Peggy Aronson

    Yes njmomma, that seems to be the consensus, LOL!

  • njmomma

    Not a Pro.

    Maybe a Modern Rustic?

    Some inspiration:

    Modern Rustic Living Room · More Info

    Rustic Living Room · More Info

    Modern Rustic Living Space · More Info

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  • Peggy Aronson

    OMG, nailing it njmomma!

  • LT Dub

    Peggy I deleted my pics before I saw your post because I wasn’t sure if it was your style, so I’m just reposting

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  • happyleg

    Cool coffee tables

  • happyleg

    That round coffee table was really good you can and put books in that little cubby area but I really liked all those tables lol

  • happyleg

    My phone leapt out a word round coffee table

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