Granddaughters Bathroom Tile Fail : ( Help anybody?

Bobby Ann
8 months ago

Hya Houzzers,

Well after seeing the end results of this bathroom tile for my granddaughters bathroom, tears starting forming in my eyes. My tile guys handed me tissues and later contacted me telling me that they wld retile for free(labor of course). The one Sample tile of side walls and tub surround in showroom was the lightest variation but I had no ideal the box wld have such extreme variations with those dark grey streaks. I suggested to the design girl that they shld have at least 2 samples in showroom of the most extreme color variations in the box!
The floral glass tile accent wall was completely off color wise from online color! So much hot pink ! Ugh.. Anyway, store designer said she will help me figure out how to fix this. She suggests retiling back wall with something else but I’m thinking just retile the back wall with same tile as sides/tub.. FYI floor tile is same as sides tub tile..
Here’s pic of glass tile from web. I spliced all the tiles together and they coordinated beautifully I thought .. Errrr
But love the niche!

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