Pluot suggestions for Northen Virginia

Garden VA
9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

I am thinking to add a few new trees, including 1 or 2 pluots. I know it’s difficult, but I would like to try it once. I am debating which cultivar is the best for where I live, northern Virginia (Washington DC metro area). Does anyone grow pluot here or nearby regions? Can someone share your experiences? Thanks!

Currently I have a Beauty plum tree. It has been growing really well for 3 years. I think plums are a good fit here. No disease yet. Of course need to control the PC.

I saw the following pluots are available on Grow Organic


I am thinking to buy Flavor King and maybe Flavor Supreme.

Flavor King is my first choice because it flowers later than the others, so has better chance of fruit setting. But I read that the crops may suffer brown rot. My Beauty hasn’t suffer brown rot yet, maybe because it matures really early before brown rot hits it. I picked the last Beauty plum this year on 6/27. Flavor King will fully ripen in Aug, so I am not sure if the crops will stay healthy for that long.

Flavor Supreme is my second choice because it ripens earlier. I am hoping to avoid brown rot, whether the disease is present or not here. But Flavor Supreme blooms early (even though the site says bloom mid-season) as far as I can tell. The fruit setting may be low.

The other varieties available are:

Flavor Grenade

Dapple Dandy

Flavor Queen

Dapple Supreme