how do I pull this bedroom decor together?

V Smith
December 1, 2019

I can't figure out what I need to do to pull my master bedroom decor together. I wanted to do it in white and cream with purple accents (with white sheets and bedskirt and a white nightstand), but my husband bought me a gray nightstand and now there's white, lots of gray, and cream in there plus the purple. I originally hung the white curtains that are on the window to the left of the bed, but I don't like the contrast between the off-white walls and the stark white curtains. I really like the cream ones that are above the bed, but I'm thinking white and cream and gray is a little much on the neutrals. I've tried two different gray curtains and didn't like the look of either (medium gray ones made the room look too dark, and very pale gray ones had the same contrast issues with the walls as the white ones). I tried ivory curtains thinking they would blend in with the walls, but it turns out the undertone on the walls is actually peach, not yellow. I tried lavender curtains but didn't like the look of those either (and my husband objected to them). I could replace the rocking chair cushions with gray ones, but that wouldn't help with the curtain color dilemma. I really like my comforter and don't want to replace it, so I'd like to work around it. The picture isn't the greatest but it's white with floral designs in two shades of gray and two shades of purple on it (and yes, my husband does his own thing for a comforter, we don't share, and they won't match because we have radically different tastes). Also, we're planning on putting a freestanding fireplace in the bedroom soon, probably either a gray or white one.

I know the bed would look better positioned differently, but my husband objects to moving it. He also objects to headboards, and floor-length curtains. I don't know if floor length curtains would work anyway because the heat vent is directly under the window on the left. I need curtains in addition to the blackout blinds we also have in there to truly blackout the room. Oh, and the carpet is blue with gray undertones.

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