Do my wood floors need to match?

Timothy Flynn
December 2, 2019

Our house has the wood floors in the third picture throughout on the first floor. We are taking the carpet off the stairs and second floor and installing laminate floors.

My wife and I don’t necessarily love what’s on the first floor and the contractor isn’t able to find a perfect match in our price range (like the match is way out of our budget). He said the existing color is very difficult to match

The fourth picture shows our existing floor (including the long piece used for comparison) with the samples the contractor brought by. My wife and I like the second one and think it’s “close enough”.

Do the floors need to match as close as possible? Should we do something totally different that would compliment? Should we find something we love, even if it doesn’t match, and install it throughout the house later (this would probably mean replacing real hardwood with a laminate of some sort - downgrade?)

Thanks in advance!

Find something to compliment (need input!)
Close enough won’t look bad
Get something we love and replace the rest later

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