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Leah Hamilton
December 3, 2019
last modified: December 3, 2019

I'm going to include a lot of information, hoping to answer questions before they happen ;)

*I used freeware to do the designs. It was VERY buggy software and very limited. *

The lot: Lot is 4 acres, it is basically a small city lot on the south-west corner with an almost 4 acre square that is behind the other lots. It is west-facing, sloped down to the road, and heavily timbered in the back half. The house will be built on the "little city lot" part. I am including a 10 foot contour elevation. We are in western IA.

Notes / Explanations:

  • Off the right side of the driveway, there will be curved stairs going up to the front porch, which is over the garage. (Picture elongated half circle)
  • The 2nd floor bedrooms are all within 1 sq ft area of each other, to save me from arguing lol. Which is why the closet protrudes into one room and not the other. The one bedroom that doesn't get a backyard view gets a bigger closet to make up for it. The basement bedroom is for college girl, who will only be home occasionally.
  • Sound deadening insulation will be used around bathrooms.
  • We have a LOT of books, as in walls of bookcases.
  • We currently have, and will always have, large dogs. The 'dog room' will serve several functions: dog stuff storage, an area to wipe down muddy dogs before releasing them into the house, and, most importantly, to stop all the cold air coming straight into living areas while the kids hold the door open to call the dogs in
  • For the master closet, instead of doors, we might end up usingIkea's Vidga system, or something similar. Kids' closets will have bifold doors.
  • The thin green line on the staircase in the basement plans indicates where a coat closet will be, the remainder of under the stairs (minus a support for the landing) will be clear and open to house dog beds.
  • The alcove by the main entry is for coat hooks and a shoe mat.
  • The basement bedroom window will be an egress window with a well.
  • The stair case was supposed to have a 4' x 8' landing and 4' (-railing space) wide steps. But the software kept changing it, and I think in the included pics it's actually 7'7", so some of the surrounding space is slightly smaller.
  • hallways are 4' wide
  • Bathroom windows will have privacy film
  • The laundry room will have a cubby for the vacuum and broom in the lower right corner, the remainder of that wall will be a counter, with linen storage underneath.
  • We will probably add some of those small, high on the wall, windows in the garage, mechanical room, and maybe the family room (not sure because it will be for movies mostly)
  • The views to the west are very nice, especially on the 2nd floor. Because of the glare in the evening, I didn't want the living spaces to have west windows, but the 2nd floor will likely not be in use during that time, making it a great spot to enjoy the view during the day.

Looking for suggestions on:

The living room - currently I have a sliding patio door centered on the back of the main floor, and windows laid out symmetrically. I don't really like it for furniture placement though. Having the slider centered visually extends the hallway all the way through, making the living room only 10 feet wide. I wonder if having the exterior door exit off center, in the dining room area will help make it look less strange to extend the living room. Ideas?

Getting furniture to 2nd floor - Is there enough room to navigate a bed up those stairs? We will be able to drive around to the back of the house and take stuff in on the main floor, but I'm worried between the hall, stairs and walls if we'll be able to navigate larger furniture to the 2nd floor.

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