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Do You Buy Your Pets Presents?

December 5, 2019
last modified: December 5, 2019

I do not buy Izzi presents for Christmas. She does not play with toys. All she loves is food! So she gets her food everyday! For a little dog she can eat a lot. I do dry some vegetables for her to have to snack on but I don't go out and buy her presents. She is very loved. Do you buy Christmas gifts for your pets?


Comments (38)

  • sjerin

    I buy them for my daughter's doggy who loves toys, but I think I'll stop getting them for sister's (now nephew's) dog as she doesn't really seem to play with them.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked sjerin
  • aok27502

    We never did. Our last dog was not a chewer, and did not play with toys. There really wasn't a whole lot left to choose from.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked aok27502
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  • nicole___

    No, but my husband teases me that he purchased a plush throw blanket for the cat.....for MY birthday. lol Peeka likes wads of paper as much as his purchased toys. He carries them around, presents them as gifts to "us"....stalks them.....

    Marilyn_Sue thanked nicole___
  • Fun2BHere

    I have three friends that love their dogs like children. They receive a toy and treats from me at Christmas. It's not much more expensive than sending a Christmas card and is appreciated much more.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Fun2BHere
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I used to buy him stuffed toys as he adored them and would immediately proceed to disembowel them as soon as he got them. He would even hunt them out from whatever hiding places I could find for them :-) They only lasted a day or two before they were just scraps of fabric.

    In the last year or so, while he still loves his stuffies and gnaws on them routinely after his dinner, he no longer rips them apart immediately. In fact, the last few he received are still completely intact with no rips and no missing stuffing. So now I mostly buy him treats and approved chew toys for presents. And wrap them as well.....unwrapping them is as much fun to him as getting the treat in the first place!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • DawnInCal

    When we had dogs, each of them got a new collar for Christmas. There were also a couple of new Kong toys under the tree for them as well as boxes of doggy treats. Their favorite present was the breakfast we cooked for them - over easy eggs, pancakes and roasted chicken breast. Boy, did they go to town!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked DawnInCal
  • Uptown Gal

    Also did when I had pets...they got new "toys" and some special treats to eat.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Uptown Gal
  • lily316

    Nope, they get much love, good food and exercise every day of the year so that's their gift.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked lily316
  • blfenton

    We don't buy anything for the cats, they get the wrapping paper, bags and boxes after the unwrapping is done. My son just got a puppy and yes, I bought him some toys. And they're getting sidewalk salt that is puppy safe.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked blfenton
  • Sisters in faith

    Of course, I buy my cats Christmas presents. They bring us so much joy, during the year, they deserve presents. This year, there's a big jar of organic catnip, cat treats, and a replacement for their old chase track toy. The best investment, was a huge cat tree.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Sisters in faith
  • joyfulguy

    The only critters in my house are mice/rats.

    I've kept bananas in a cardboard box with top open on the first step to the basement for a long time and they weren't bothered until a few days ago, when I found major holes chewed in the sides of three or four of them. Put a chunk of banana on the big trap, tied down - but no bites, so far.

    (ETA Next day: mid-sized rat in trap this morning. More bait, mixed with hope, added to trap).

    Bananas now temporarily stored in the dryer, which gets minimal use in summer ... but winter's coming. Have to store them under a metal pan, I guess.

    Bag of cookies sat on a ledge in the dining room for something like a month - choc. chippy ones, they were, too - with no molestation ... until a few days ago, when a big hole had been chewed in a corner and one of three trays demolished. Bag went to a shelf in top cupboard ... no retaliation, thus far.

    (ETA Next day: cupboard with boards made of sawdust and glue, covered with faux wood-appearing plastic, with heavy paper tacked on back to keep it from wiggling off of its intended vertical position sitting on a table, and back-up loaf of raisin bread placed on top shelf, about shoulder-high.

    Began to use the bread. Found major chewing from about fourth slice. Brads holding back of shelf had pulled enough to allow small critters to enter.

    Loaf replaced by trap with bread, raisin ... few hours later ... bait gone.

    Critters 1; Ed 0.

    New bread, raisin ... tied down with string.

    Keep tuned.).

    Have very little incentive to offer

    (ETA next day: non-paying co-tenants)

    either toys or feed for Christmas.

    ole joyfuelled ... who also likes bananas ... and cookies (among other things)

    (ETA next day: plus raisin bread ... sometimes "what's left")

    Marilyn_Sue thanked joyfulguy
  • janey_alabama

    We give Ali chewys for Christmas. We walk our friend's dogs 3 times a week, plus we throw for them. So we get the girls Kong balls & a box of treats. Plus treats for their 3 cats.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked janey_alabama
  • functionthenlook

    I buy treats for my son and daughter's cats and dog. My cat is 17 years old and doesn't play anymore and his stomach can't take the cat treats anymore.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked functionthenlook
  • Kathsgrdn

    Yes, bought some for my daughter's dogs too.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Kathsgrdn
  • share_oh

    Yes, always have, always will.

    This year I'm even thinking about gifting the granddogs with some homemade chicken strips I will dehydrate.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked share_oh
  • chipotle

    The cats get presents throughout the year. Same as dh & me. We don't do gifts at Christmas anymore. It makes the season so much more enjoyable.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked chipotle
  • Ninapearl

    my dogs are all seniors and spend most of their time just sleeping. they already get lots of cookies and bully sticks and the occasional piece of string cheese. they're happy, i'm happy.

    if is nice on Christmas day, i'll take them to the big field/timber down the road and let them go sniffing for whatever it is dogs sniff for and hope they don't find something stinky to roll in. :)

  • always1stepbehind

    This will be the first year having a pet (dog) in about 17 years...I think she'll get a few things ;-)

    Marilyn_Sue thanked always1stepbehind
  • Marilyn_Sue thanked nycefarm
  • amylou321

    Nope. They get new toys every few months to keep them occupied. Plus Otis attempted to pee on my Christmas tree last year,(before we brought it in the house)so he's on the naughty list anyway.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked amylou321
  • georgysmom2

    Since Georgy Girl doesn't know one day from the next, I wait until after Christmas and get her a new toy at half price. Knowing it's going to get ripped up, I don't want to invest too much money. She will get a special treat on Christmas day.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked georgysmom2
  • dedtired

    Sure. The dog always got a stocking although I had to put it where he couldn’t get into it before the morning. One year he got a sweater which he did not appreciate. The cat got a catnip mouse and watching the cat do drugs was part of our Christmas morning routine.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked dedtired
  • Lukki Irish

    I use Christmas as an excuse to replenish the chuck it glow balls for our lab. I buy her new toys all the time, not because she needs them, but because it’s fun to see her reaction. When I return from the store, I tell her she has a new toy and she starts poking her nose in the bags to find it. She gets so excited and once she has it, she carries it around with her all evening.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Lukki Irish
  • arcy_gw

    Eye witness news reports: 1 in 4 pet owners say they will spend more on gifts for their pet than their spouse.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked arcy_gw
  • cooper8828

    Mine always get presents. I don't want them to feel left out on Christmas. :)

    Marilyn_Sue thanked cooper8828
  • nhbaskets

    Our Bingo has his own Christmas stocking. He normally receives a few new toys, a special bone he loves and some treats. One of his aunts always gives him a present. He’s a big part of our family, so I treat him as such.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked nhbaskets
  • sjerin

    Lol, OJ. :)

    Marilyn_Sue thanked sjerin
  • pb32

    I do. They enjoy opening the paper and play with toys. So it's a lot of fun for me, for a small outlay of cash. Totally worth it.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked pb32
  • donna_loomis

    I've never WRAPPED a present for my five cats, but certainly I buy and make things for them. They have a small toy box that is filled with squeaky mice, catnip mice, several balls, batons I've stuffed with catnip, fidget spinners, silver vine and more. We've bought second hand tables to place in front of the living room window for their viewing pleasure. What are they viewing? We've attached hummingbird feeders to the window and placed a seed feeder there, too. I call it "cat TV". I'm working on training them to pick up their toys when they're done, but not having much luck with that.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked donna_loomis
  • watchmelol

    I buy my dog new toys regularly. She loves tough built fuzzy toys with squeakers, the bigger and more squeakers the better. But she likes to carry around smaller toys too. Currently her favorite toy is a six foot long snake that originally had 12 large squeakers but now has less than half of them left. The toy is about 2 years old and she carries it everywhere. She also likes to bring it to bed with her. it's a nasty dirty thing but she would be heartbroken if we took it away.

    She tends towards false pregnancies with each heat. At that time she takes a toy and it becomes her new "baby". Before she chose smaller toys but the last time it was "snake". She is blowing coat and about to go int heat in a week or so. I have already stashed a few smaller new toys to give toward the end of her cycle. Hopefully she will adopt something smaller than "snake". We knew she was ready to "wean" snake last time when she offered him up for a rough game of tug. LOL

    Marilyn_Sue thanked watchmelol
  • arkansas girl

    I guess if she loved toys, I would. She isn't much into toys these days. She has two that she likes and all she does is carry them around for a minute and she wants us to throw them about twice and then she's done with it...HA! I have bought new toys but she only likes these two. She wouldn't have a clue about opening presents though, it means absolutely nothing to her.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked arkansas girl
  • jtc

    Watchmelol, I am curious. Is there a reason you don't have your dog spayed?

    Marilyn_Sue thanked jtc
  • watchmelol

    jtc Only because she is a Rottweiler. I will never breed her. She is pure but not fully pedigreed and I will leave breeding to those who do it professionally and responsibly.

    Studies done on female Rotties spayed early have shown a female Rot who still has her ovaries increases her chance of an exceptionally long lifespan for the breed 13 years as opposed to at best around 9 years. A female spayed before the age of 4 loses this advantage and new studies wonder it spaying at all is advisable. There are downsides. It takes a responsible owner to keep a bitch in heat away from males 8-10 weeks out the year. (2 heat cycles). There is a slightly higher risk of mammary cancers and pyrometra but those are calculated risks against bone cancer.

    Early spaying/neutering in both male and female Rotties increases their chance of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). Studies have shown the increase of as high as 1 in 4 for Rotties fixed early in their lives. No large breed should be spayed/neutered before puberty. Even barring cancers, if their growth plates haven't closed they have a greatly increased risk of fractures and cruciate ligament ruptures.

    I have always felt in my gut that dogs should not be sterilized early. I used to have it done around two years. But with new research and studies leaning toward more negatives than positive large breeds I am more convinced that maybe for this one I will try leaving her intact. I am keeping an eye on how she does. Her last heat was very easy for her. If it continues to be easy then I may not spay her at all. But I know I did the right thing by waiting for at least her 4th year.

    Small dogs are fully grown and mature at a year. Large breeds can take 2-3 years Rotties can take even a bit longer.

    All my life I have also followed my instincts on vaccination being done too frequently. I simply stretched the time before vaccinating my dogs further apart as they got older after the first year boosters were done. I skipped a year early on and later up to 3 years. With the exception of rabies. Low and behold the American Veterinary Medical Association came out with similar guideline in 2019. Now it's every 3 years after the puppy shots and the first year adult dose. Sometimes it's just common sense.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked watchmelol
  • quasifish

    We always do. For the bird it's a food treat. For the cat, a small toy. Kitty doesn't play with his toys much, but when DD was little, we didn't want her buddy's stocking to be empty on Christmas morning. He IS a bad boy sometimes, but not bad enough to not deserve something from Santa :) Now that DD is older, she enjoys helping Santa with kitty's stocking.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked quasifish
  • bpath reads banned books too

    We are lucky if we even see the cats on Christmas morning, they are usually still hiding behind the furnace from all the folderol on Christmas Eve.

    Or, come to think of it, maybe they are sulking because we didn’t buy them a present.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked bpath reads banned books too
  • pamghatten

    I buy toys and treats for the dogs for Xmas. This year I have to find different toys since I have a new rescue dog Brownie who destroys the stuffed toys that Shiloh likes so much. But since he's a chewer, I've discovered Shiloh also likes to chew on his kong toys. Rocky has never played with toys, but loves treats.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked pamghatten
  • patriciae_gw

    When I was in Highschool we had a Cockerpoo-essentially my dog. Her first Christmas she was so excited about the tree and gifts and as they were handed out she followed each one to its owner. When they were all gone she sat back and was the saddest looking dog you ever saw. She didn't get anything. Fortunately I had made elaborate Christmas cookies to hang on the tree. I made a big deal of taking a couple off and gave them to her as her gift. One happy dog. I have given gifts ever since.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked patriciae_gw
  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    Mia only plays with one toy and she currently has I think 7 of them. She doesn't eat treats. I have bought so many types of dog treats but she won't touch them. She loves a warm fluffy little blanket to have over her in a lap. I do occasionally buy her a new one for Christmas. I enjoy them too lol.

    I do buy a few things for my friends 2 black labs. They were my nextdoor neighbor at the flood house. We get together every year and share gifts. I buy gifts for their dogs and they buy something for Mia.

    They are toy destroyers and I challenge myself to find a toy that will last more than a day. It is not easy!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked ravencajun Zone 8b TX

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