Tomatoville closing; TomatoJunction opening

December 16, 2019
last modified: December 16, 2019

So, Tomatoville announced just over a week ago (8 Dec 2019) that it would be going dark. A lot of the pages are going to be accessible, somehow, still, but it won’t be functioning as an active forum anymore.

One of its members, Rajun Gardener, opened up a new site called A lot of people from Tomatoville joined.

Due to similarities between the names, and intellectual property concerns, is going to be renamed to Tomatoville and TomatoJunction are not affiliated.

Anyway, many members here seem to have an interest in Tomatoville, and as other Tomatoville discussions haven’t been taken down, and as I didn't see anything in the Houzz rules to forbid it, I thought I’d post this. It’s worth noting, however, that you can discuss other gardening forums on TomatoJunction (so, you can talk about Gardenweb and what-have-you there, too). There was already some discussion about Tomatovillians in another thread here (but you wouldn’t know it had you not been following along with another topic).

Tomatovillians/TomatoJunction doesn’t have the exact same rules that Tomatoville had. There’s no hold on new registrations or such. It has a few additional vegetable forums, too (e.g. one for legumes, one for watermelon, and maybe others). It’s worth noting that Tomatoville had forums for other vegetable besides tomatoes, too. However, they seem more visible/accessible on TomatoJunction (so people might think it’s an entirely new thing).

Anyway, I’m not here to encourage people to leave Gardenweb, but a lot of the people at Tomatoville probably don’t know about the new site, yet (and they may search the web and find this post). Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be a member of more than one gardening site (I’m a member of many myself); they all have unique cultures and rules. I’d be more comfortable posting some things on some sites than others.

It's also worth noting that Gardenweb has more round robins (seed exchanges between more than two people) than any other site I've found.

FYI, for those who have a hard time navigating Gardenweb, you can edit your sidebar on the main website, and that can give you direct access to any forum you want. So, for me, navigation isn’t a big issue. Bugs on my mobile device via my web browser (a Kindle Fire HD 8 sixth edition), however, are a pretty big issue for me, though (so, I hope they fix that!) Direct access to my sidebar in the Houzz mobile app would also be great.

Anyway, enjoy!

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  • Mokinu

    Looks like Tomatoville is staying open after all, so I hear.

    Tomatovillians is going to be down sometime today while the domain changes to TomatoJunction.

    Edit: The shift took longer than expected, but the domain has been changed.

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