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Do You Hang up Stockings?

2 months ago

We hang up stockings at the home where we are going to have Christmas. Everyone there always gets a stocking filled with whatever each family wants to provide to put into it, that is if they remember! Some years past we have not found the stockings so bags were used. It is a fun Christmas thing we do. I don't know if this year the stockings have been located or not. How about your Christmas stockings, are they going to be up and filled? We always keep the stockings and use them over and over.


Comments (47)

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    Of course. Everybody in the family gets a stocking - me and DH, our grown sons, their wives and children, and sometimes each family dog.

    We have always opened our stockings on Christmas morning, but this year due to scheduling issues we have to do it this weekend. Not quite sure how we will explain the whole Santa down the chimney thing to the grandkids.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked littlebug zone 5 Missouri
  • daisychain01

    If I had my way, we would only do stockings. It is my favourite part of Christmas. The gifts in stockings are usually fun, carefully chosen and not over the top (or disappointing). Hoping you find yours.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked daisychain01
  • eld6161

    I still do for my DD's but hang them for all of us. DH and I sometimes get a thing or two in them, but it's mostly for the DD's.

    I am still not willing to give it up. They are 30 and 32.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked eld6161
  • Marilyn_Sue

    One year not too distant past the stockings could not be found, so we bought enough paper bags at Aldi. They were only I think three cents each and they had a Christmas picture on them. We let little Alyssa color them and she thought that was great.


  • OklaMoni

    Stockings was not a thing while I grew up (in Germany) and not in my ex's family here in Oklahoma either. Thus, we never did stockings.

    But my younger daughter requested a stocking when Allison was born, and later again, one for Nathan. Yes, I knitted them (like requested) and yes, they hang them up every year.


    Marilyn_Sue thanked OklaMoni
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I still hang mine....and one for the dog. But Santa must think I've been naughty cuz I never find anything in it :-( The dog always has something, though.

    That was always my favorite part of of Christmas. As kids, the stockings were hung upstairs from the staircase banister - no mantle on the fireplace - and we opened them first thing Christmas morning on our parents' bed. Always with an orange in the toe, some candies, a new toothbrush and some little treats or surprises from Santa.

    Kept that tradition going with my own family but then the kids grew up, moved away and had their own families and I divorced and am now usually home alone on Christmas morning. Stockings first, then breakfast, then opening of presents.....that was the routine. I still miss it.

    And I am getting a little peeved with Santa that he manages always to find something to put in the dog's sock but nothing in mine!! WTH??

    Marilyn_Sue thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • Annie Deighnaugh

    We never did stockings growing up and neither did DH's family.

    I have some but they're just decorations.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Annie Deighnaugh
  • share_oh

    My hubby and I do a stocking for each other. We both love it! Have to wrap the gifts inside them too for extra fun. : )

    Growing up we always opened our stockings first and that's a tradition I kept with my kids and something we still do with just the 2 of us.

    The dogs get a tissue paper wrapped gift. The 2 dogs we have now will both be interested in opening them. I've had other dogs in the past that were only interested in being handed an edible treat, no unwrapping for them.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked share_oh
  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I forgot to add that my DH puts scratcher tickets in everyone’s stockings after I fill them. I dread the day that ONE person scratches off a big winner, so we created a rule that a winner of over a certain $$$ amount must split with everybody.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked littlebug zone 5 Missouri
  • Judy Good

    Yes there are stockings hung up and they get filled up on Christmas eve. When kids were small, Santa filled their stockings and they knew we bought the presents under the tree.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Judy Good
  • sheilajoyce_gw

    We do stockings for the grandsons. We use the granny square crocheted stockings I made for our three kids in the '70s from a pattern in a women's magazine. I learned that the items in the stockings were enjoyed more if they were opened Christmas Eve, so that is what we do after dinner and baths. We retire to the living room, and each child is given his stocking to empty as we listen to Christmas carols.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked sheilajoyce_gw
  • LoneJack Zn 6a, KC

    No, I fold my stockings in pairs and put them in their drawer. I've never heard of hanging stockings on hangers in the closet :-P

    My son, his girl friend, and their dog have stockings. Since they won't be over until Christmas morning the stockings have already been filled with a little candy, gift cards, scratchers tickets, and some kitchen tools. Treats and toys for little Pugsley.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked LoneJack Zn 6a, KC
  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    I used to hang stockings for my dogs, when I had dogs. The Great Dane, Alexis, especially seemed to understand that when those stockings were hung she could expect something exciting. Before Christmas morning, she would go stare at the stockings hanging down from the shelf of the TV armoire in the livingroom. She'd sit and whine. So cute.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked schoolhouse_gwagain
  • DawnInCal

    Count me in as another who thought the stockings were the best part of Christmas. One year, I got greedy and hung a pair of panty hose from the mantle. I think I was about 12. Santa put the stocking stuffers in the hose, but to my disappointment, I got the same amount of stuff as every other year.

    It's been quite a few years since hubby and I have done stocking, but this year I have decided to do one for him. He doesn't know, so I'm not expecting one for me. But, that's ok, cuz I've had so much fun picking up little things for him over the last few weeks. We don't have a mantle, so I will place his stocking under our small Christmas tree.

    Gardengal, I think you are going to have to be Santa's helper because it sounds like he just doesn't have the time to fill your stocking.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked DawnInCal
  • bpath reads banned books too

    Stockings here. DH’s family is English, so stockings go on the bed. Leading up to Christmas Eve they hang on the boys’ doors. On Christmas Eve they used to do a check, putting things in their stockings at the foot of the bed and making sure they could feel if they were full. Then remove the things, sleep, and in the morning the truly full stockings kept them busy before going downstairs to the tree. It was tough, though, because Santa had to slip in, remove the stockings, take them to another room, fill them verrrrrry quietly, and return them to the beds without rustling too much.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked bpath reads banned books too
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    " Gardengal, I think you are going to have to be Santa's helper because it sounds like he just doesn't have the time to fill your stocking."

    Yeah, that's because he's too busy filling the dog's!! I do compensate by buying myself a few special treats for the holidays but they never seem to wind up actually IN the stocking :-) The orange - at this time of year, stem and leaf Satsumas, my favorites - never last long enough to make it to the sock. And I could never wait until Christmas morning if they did. I go through several every day they are in season!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • roxanna7

    Back in my young days, 65 years ago, we five kids "hung" our stockings on the dining room table waiting for Santa, as my dad would not allow nails in the mantels of our 200-year old house. That was fine, and even finer was the fact that our stockings were definitely out of the norm -- they were neither bought nor hand-knit, but antique full-leg length actual stockings worn by our forebears, the great-grandparents, which were found in the attic.

    These were all different, not matching pairs, and hardly festive in the Christmas sense. BUT they were enormous, and held far more goodies from Santa than the stockings other kids used. We loved it, needless to say!

    Always an orange or tangerine in the toe, everything was unwrapped, and always a new box of Crayolas, coloring book and candy cane sticking out the tops. Rule was no opening until all gathered on parents' bed (a bit crowded, as that made a total of 7 including the parental units on a full-sized bed). I well remember waking in the darkness, reaching for my stocking at the foot of my bed where Santa always left it, and carefully squeezing it all along the length (nearly 3 feet) to guess what surprises were lurking inside. SO much fun.

    Wish I had been able to get one or two of those stockings for memories' sake after my parents died... Alas.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked roxanna7
  • patriciae_gw

    Hmmm, I have some antique German cotton stockings. I never thought of those.

    We do stockings for us and the cats and the dog when we had one. I always have and they end up leaning up on the sofa for convenience sake since there are usually some oddments that wont fit. I once got up in the night to a bunch of racket and it was the cats who had broken into their stocking and were playing with their toys. One cat was actually up inside the stocking forking out the goodies. When I was a kid I inherited the job of filling the stocking when I was about eleven. My mother had always put ribbon candy in them-my dad's socks-and it was always fuzzy afterwards. Why ribbon candy I don't know because none of us liked the stuff but I put it in sandwich wrappers. We always got an orange, and apple and some nuts to fill out the bottom and then candy. No presents.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked patriciae_gw
  • functionthenlook

    Have stockings for my adult kids and granddaughters. I have a fireplace, but no mantle. I use a metal stocking holder in front of the fireplace. Next year another stocking will be added. Another granddaughter is cooking.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked functionthenlook
  • arcy_gw

    DH's family was HUGE into stockings. MIL collected trinkets all year long--nothing of value just interesting STUFF. First Christmas I was dating and there she had one for me. After we were married I noticed she didn't have one so I asked "I would rather not have one than have an empty one". I laid into DH HUGE over that!! Then I made her one and made sure it was always full. FF 31 years of marriage. I fill stockings for my now 6 and the stocking she made for me hangs empty year after year. Some people never learn.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked arcy_gw
  • amylou321

    We always did stockings on December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day,growing up. I know that my sisters still do that with their kids,I don't know about my brothers. It was a great treat! It was usually all food items. A can of Planters Cheez Balls, big candy bars, maybe a piece of fruit. We had what I consider big stockings,so the treats lasted well into the new year(except the cheez balls,they were gone by days end :) )

    There was a stocking for all 6 of us ,AND one for mom and one for dad. We always protested because for some reason, moms stocking was twice as big as ours! Can't say I blame her......They were all hung on the mantle.

    Arcy,just fill it yourself! MY mother always did,quite happily! You can put the best stuff in your own! (She always did)

    I have a stocking for SO. It's a Carharrt stocking. I never got one for me. I hung it on the wall over the tree,since the tree is so small. I will fill it with both sweet treats and some small gifts that are too weird to wrap.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked amylou321
  • happy2b…gw

    It is so wonderful how our conversations often bring up memories I thought I had forgotten. My brother and I hung our socks when we were very little. When we were older, my mom bought flannel stockings most likely from the five and dime. She wrote our names in script at the top. I still have mine. We did not have a fireplace so I think we hung them from the edge of the round coffee table. You also reminded me about the candy cane peeking from the top. I will have to do that this year.

    For my girls' first Christmas, I bought red and white flannel Christmas stockings at Macys. Macys wrote their names in glitter on the cuff. I fill and hang these every year. at my house. I also fill stocking for my grandkids.

    They have much fancier stockings at their homes., but they like Grandma's stockings.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked happy2b…gw
  • arcy_gw

    Speaking of: When I was a kid we used our actual socks. My brother's were upset because we girls wore knee highs!! Those were the days of ribbon candy and yes it go stuck to the sock!!!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked arcy_gw
  • Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)

    Yes, there are stockings. For my daughters (now 22 and 26), my husband, and a family stocking. That one usually contains a video game like Mario Party for all to play together. My older daughter’s boyfriend has never been here on Christmas Eve yet, otherwise I would hang one for him. And probably come here for advise as to what on Earth to put in there. I do mail him one for St. Nikolaus though.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)
  • pudgeder

    We did stockings for our kids, hubby & I had the stockings from our youth. (Still have them, don't use them.) When the kids got married, I bought all coordinating stockings. Then the g'kids started coming and I couldn't find all matching.

    So I quit that, and went to this:

    A pair of antique sock dryers. Less complicated. LOL

    Marilyn_Sue thanked pudgeder
  • DawnInCal

    While gathering up the things I have bought to stuff hubby's stocking with, this thread came to mind and I realized there is no reason I can't have a stocking. I gathered up a few things I have bought recently, but not yet used. My stocking is going to contain a new pair of work gloves, a foot treatment, a hand treatment and a facial, some candy and a $5 lotto scratch off (I meant to buy hubby 5 $1 tickets, but got confused because we never play and ended up buying a single $5 scratch off - I was then flustered and embarrassed due to the condescending and not at all helpful attitude of the teenage employee, so I went to another store and bought 5 $1 tickets). Hubby will get the 5 $1 tickets and I'll stick the 1 $5 ticket in my stocking.

    Honestly, how hard is it to be kind? Oh well, someday that snotty kid will be old and it'll be his turn to deal with snotty kids with attitudes. Moving on, I'm excited about and looking forward to having stockings this year!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked DawnInCal
  • matthias_lang

    arcy, you brought some good manners to the family, your DH did not learn by example.

    We've never done stockings. A couple days ago a friend asked me if I'd grown up doing St Nicholas Day. I had not. He told me that in this city --I grew up elsewhere-- nearly everyone who celebrates Christmas also does St Nicholas. All these years here and raised a child here, I had no idea everyone else was doing that. He said they used stockings for St Nicholas, but I'd always heard shoes were used.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked matthias_lang
  • yeonassky

    We follow the Danish tradition of having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.

    We do put out stockings but we have them at Christmas Eve and open them after Christmas Eve dinner. That is all that we give one another other as gifts.

    Yes I fill my own stocking. I think the person who plays nisseman/Klaus often does. It's never bothered me. I'm always pleased and surprised at what I get from myself. :-)

    Marilyn_Sue thanked yeonassky
  • arcy_gw

    I forgot to say we hung our REAL socks where ever--our base housing did not have a fireplace so we used backs of chairs or book shelves. They weren't hung until Christmas eve as part of our tradition after dad read the bible story of Christ's coming from Luke's gospel. I began with my own kids celebrating St. Nicholas day--Dec 6 with putting shoes out on our front porch. My young son PITCHED A FIT at the idea of someone coming into our home while he slept so we had to put them outside the door!!! My kids got nuts in the shell, exotic fruit, an ornament and something to read from St. Nicholas each year.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked arcy_gw
  • Michele

    We don’t hang them but we have them. We wrap up the little gifts. We open them first while we have our Christmas breakfast. Someone will grab one out of each stocking for each person. The gifts are little things. Nothing extravagant.

    I have one tradition I started back about 15 years ago. They each get some special ornament. Usually I buy in a thrift shop, because I like old fashioned things.

    One year I found really cool things. There was one I loved so much I couldn’t decide who to give it to. I wrapped it up, saying it was to me from Sunshine, our cat, and stuck it in my own stocking!

    Coffee pot pouring coffee! I love it!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Michele
  • happy2b…gw

    There does not seem to be many ornaments for sale in the stores. Thrift stores are the best source. Love that coffee cup and pot ornament.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked happy2b…gw
  • Jasdip

    Hey all, I'm posting this here, as it's an active thread.

    GW is acting up this morning. My Quiz doesn't show up, neither does Annie's Smile or Show Me Your threads. I even started a new thread, asking if anyone is having trouble, and nothing. It doesn't post.

    The only things working are previously posted threads :-(

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Jasdip
  • marylmi

    I used to for my husband and I but I had greenery in them and used them as decorations. I don't even bother with them now . For young children it would be fun to do.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked marylmi
  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Jasdip, I noticed that too. No new threads are showing up and existing ones are not reconfiguring properly after a new comment. For example, a post with a most recent comment 10 hours ago is showing as the third entry on my Your Topics screen!

    I assume just another one of the nearly constant glitches this site seems to generate OR they are updating the system. Either way, it is very annoying!!

    Marilyn_Sue thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • Michele

    Yes Jasdip. I always check Annie’s two and your trivia question thread as well. Don’t see them. I look forward to them

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Michele
  • DawnInCal

    Thanks for the head's up, Jasdip. I've been looking all over the place for the daily photo thread. Hopefully, it'll be up later - after making myself a cup of tea, the photo thread is the first thing I do in the morning.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked DawnInCal
  • Jasdip

    I tried making a Test post. Nothing.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Jasdip
  • Raye Smith

    We had stockings growing up and they did get larger as we got older. I find it interesting that some have listed fruit as a stocking item. I'd had been quite upset to find regular groceries in my stocking! I usually had European candies and chocolates with small presents.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Raye Smith
  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    Jasdip, I couldn't start a new thread this morning. I posted on steve's "Unexpected cookie crunch" thread because I couldn't start a new one here, asking if anyone else was having a problem, but then I deleted my comment there. I still see no new threads started.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked schoolhouse_gwagain
  • Marilyn_Sue

    I guess we can keep in touch on this one till they get things working again.


  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    Well I wrote two posts about carolers this morning that never showed up, so here goes.

    My neighbor informed me a couple days ago that her church would be Christmas caroling Friday (tonight) and would stop at my elderly aunt's house between 6p-6:30p. She thought maybe I should mention it to my aunt, so I called my aunt to let her know so she wouldn't be surprised. I'm going down to listen, too.

    My aunt was thrilled and said, "I'd better not change into my PJs early then!" Question: I know traditionally carolers like figgie pudding. ha. Also hot chocolate is traditional, but we won't be doing that. Yesterday I bought a bag of the little Halo clementines to pass out. I think a small monetary contribution to their church would be accepted, but probably not expected.

    Have you had carolers at your house before or gone caroling yourselves? What treats did you receive. I'm actually leaving in about 15min. so no time now to get anything else together but still fun to hear of your experiences.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked schoolhouse_gwagain
  • chipotle

    I still see no new threads started.

    Same thing is happening on other forums.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked chipotle
  • Marilyn_Sue

    My little granddaughter who is 8 went caroling last Saturday evening. Not here she went with friends with another church group. I don't know as they got anything as they went here and there caroling. They did go back to the church and have hot cocoa and cookies. I think that is what our church does too. I don't know about other areas how they do.


  • Fun2BHere

    We don’t hang the stockings. We place them, empty, on the floor by the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. On Christmas morning, they’ve been filled. My mother fills her children’s and grandchild’s and I fill my mother’s and my father’s. I’ve been quite remiss this year and have almost nothing to put into the stockings. I guess I’d better at least buy some candy or something.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked Fun2BHere
  • amylou321

    Raye, we used to cry foul at the fruit! It was VERY clear that "Saint Nick " filled her own stocking with too much good stuff and needed a filler for ours, so the fruit from the kitchen was used. I remember when I was still young enough to think that the REAL Saint Nick filled the stockings and my mother would act OUTRAGED that the good saint had stolen her fruit for the stockings! She put on the same show when we pointed out that Santa had used the wrapping paper from the closet for our presents. It was pretty funny see her righteous indignation brought on by a Stealing Santa. Good times.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked amylou321
  • chloebud

    We all have stockings, and they get a little crazy with some larger items such as wine and other kinds of liquor. No way could we hang them. We usually use paper grocery bags for the overflow. Gets a little crazy.

    Marilyn_Sue thanked chloebud
  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    We still use stockings, but only for small gifts like candy, a magazine, toothbrush, etc. My grandparents had customized stockings made for all the children and grandchildren

    Marilyn_Sue thanked rob333 (zone 7a)

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