HAVE: Grape Reliance

last year

In January I'll be cutting this back, trying to get rid of the whole thing. It's been quite vigorous for the past 5 years in its extra large container, but it just doesn't like our humid climate and botrytis spreads to all its beautiful bunches of grapes before it can ripen, every year without fail. Any takers of cuttings? Would be glad to share a bundle or two with several of you. From what I understand, it doesn't take much to root them in six weeks or so.

Would like named purple muscadine or named primocane blackberry or raspberry cuttings in return.

And as I mentioned, I am trying to get rid of it. But I don't want to just throw it out, since I've had it so long, and I'm sure a more northerly gardener would have less trouble with this particular issue, or someone willing to spray it with something. So if there are any takers for the whole plant, I'll pull it out of its container for you. A good-sized (two-year or older) named muscadine, primocane blackberry or raspberry would be nice in return... or even a young dwarf fruit tree that can be espaliered. Or an OG reblooming rose.

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