Designing permanent beds

Jake Sams
last year

Hi, I am having some trouble laying out a permanent bed design and would like to ask for some help.
Unlike most fields, mine come in funky shapes as these are all terraced plots.
I want to have standardized beds and preferably straight which comes with all the benefits like even row cover, insect netting and tarp lengths in addition to making calculations for seeding, planting, crop rotation, harvesting and profit much easier. However, if the field isn't straight you will obviously end up with wasted corners.
Its about 1600m2 in total which i want to occupy with 10 meter beds 75 cm wide.
I made a sketch of a possibility with all blue colored beds meaning irregular bed fill ups for perennial crops for example.
Of course designing is one thing, and actually laying these out in practice is much more difficult.
Would you be inclined to focus more on the contours of the plots and create slightly curved beds instead? Or do you see other possibilities?
Thanks in advance!

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