What roses make for great standards (weeping or lollipop)?

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This is a question I ponder at length hoping to graft my own this season onto some multiflora and Dr. Huey cuttings. I'm partial to weeping standards, but can imagine some roses might make charming lollipop standards if well chosen. Have any of you bought or grafted any you would highly recommend for pretty growth form? Do any of the Hybrid Musks provide enough bloom for the trouble? I have many un-patented varieties to choose from, but have often thought Valentine, La France, Duchesse de Brabant, Crimson Glory, Gruss an Aachen and Bloomfield Abundance would look lovely as standards to enjoy at eye level where the sometimes nodding habit of a few would be an asset.

Are there other rootstocks that might perform better ie. be heftier or easier to root or graft?

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