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Neolith Estatuario 6mm 150x75 please help! It’s started to breaking!

Molnár Andrea
7 days ago

Hi everyone!

Is there anyone who have been used Neolith Estatuario 6mm 150x75 for flooring? We have got some issues with it and no once giving the right answer...someone said it’s too thick someone blames on the workers who installed and we really don’t know what to do!
The issue came out after we installed the kitchen island which probably weight 350 kg and we are really worried that it’s gonna happen again after we install the rest of the furniture! Can be possible that this is the problem? Any suggestions? Or someone who have had the same problem? Thanks for your help!

Comments (2)

  • live_wire_oak

    The substrate wasn’t properly flat and supportive with the right thinset if you’re getting breakage. There can be no flex of your supporting structure. Defection must be calculated and that must be addressed. Theres a lot of uneducated untrained tile guys doing install on these super large format slabs. Which results in breakage because it wasn’t done correctly. You should be able to drive a car across it with zero issues if it’s properly supported and installed correctly.

  • SJ McCarthy

    I'm with live-wire on this one. Flat, rigid slabs (of stone, concrete, porcelain, etc) should be able to withstand ANYTHING so long as the SUBSTRATE is properly prepared.

    We've seen N. American installers have issues with these giant slabs. Why? Because the training is held in Europe. And guess how many N. American companies want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to send people to SPAIN to learn how to install these slabs? None.

    I would be happy to see a German Meister install this in a German house. But I would be extremely worried if I wanted someone in N. America to install this in a home in Canada.

    I'm not saying that everyone is incompetent. I'm just saying that you have a HIGHER RATE of incompetence on this side of the Atlantic when a specialty product is brought in from Europe.

    I'm sorry but this is a remove/redo.

    What type of surface is the Neolith sitting on? Concrete slab? Plywood? Suspended slab (like 15th story of a high-rise apartment building)?

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