Ikea Cabinets- Hinges Question

Jacqui N
last month
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We are in the checking-and-double-checking phase of planning our IKEA kitchen. We used their kitchen planning software and visited the nearest store for an in-person freebie consultation. Got the okay and go-ahead and all looks good. We just printed the .pdf and are going through it with a fine-toothed comb and have noticed that they left out a lot of hinges... like... 12 packs of two of them.

My husband just went through and counted how many we will need and was just going to order the additional ones we need. Cool, sounds good.

I'm a very detail-oriented person and am now worried the software has screwed other stuff up. SO, I'm just going through now, checking each individual item, making sure all is well. I've noticed that on our doors it says to pair with UTRUSTA 125 degree hinges... but these hinges don't have a soft close option, which is part of the draw to IKEA cabinets in the first place....

Sooo my question (sorry this is so long!) is... do we really need the 125 degree hinges? Or is it okay to go with the 110 degree hinges?? What has worked for you? What hinges did you use?

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