Dormant Fig Trees available for shipping

Have some fig trees, common type figs most produce 2 crops per year and are easy to grow and ripen delicious figs every year.
The fig trees are shipped dormant & bare root. They are >1 year old & trimmed to 1-2' tall with a sizeable rootball ready to be up potted to 3Gal>.
varieties available include;

Pettite Negra, RdB, Desert King, Ciccio Nero, Fico Bianco, Bolzano Nero, Gisotta Nero, Calabrese, Val Rosso, Black Jack, Israel, Genovese Nero/R, Atreano, Ficazana, Alma, Capri-UCD, BT, VdB, Melanzana, Lampa Preta, Stella, Dalmatie, Celeste, Portugal Dark, Blue Giant, Dan's Greek, Drap d'Or, Castle Kennedy, Dottato Unk, LSU Gold, Olympia, Forastera de c’an revui, Conadria, Vasilika Sika, Strawberry Verte & others.

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