Cutting down the Ginkgo

last month

Fifty years ago my Aunt Jane planted a ginkgo she got from Wayside Gardens, back when they were a real novelty. I remember as a kid her telling me that the leaves brought you good luck if you touched them, (magic) and that the tree was living at the same time the dinosaurs lived on Earth. Cool! What she didn't tell me was that she planted a seedling that was female and that fifty years later I would be shoveling wheelbarrows of the fruit every autumn. Any fruit that doesn't get raked up sprouts and grows into a young sapling. This ginkgo was inherited twenty years ago and the fruit production is heavier every year. I like the shade the tree produces but not the stink so It is on my list of trees to go this season. She has to go. Please don't reply with ginkgo fruit recipes, thanks.

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