Help needed choosing a shade tree near the house

8 months ago

I had two Norway Maples in front of my house which have succumbed to Verticillium Wilt and I had to remove them after they started dropping dead branches. I miss those trees a lot. This side of the house faces West and maples provided so needed shade, especially when the sun is low just before sunset and shines directly into windows. The house looks naked without these trees.

My first choice would have been Maple again (maybe not necessarily Norway), but the bacteria likely remains in the soil, so now my selection is limited to trees that are resistant to Verticillium Wilt and I cannot go with maples anymore.

I am looking for a fast growing shade tree of a medium size (similar to maple) that can be planted near the house. The tree should not have strong or invasive roots that could crush house foundation which is 17 feet away from trees. There are also water, gas and sewage lines going from the curb to the house right under one of those trees.

I am in the Northern NJ (zone 7a).

Thanks a lot!

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