Geranium macrorrhizum vs Biokovo

Wanting to add more hardy geraniums to my gardens, and hoping for some advice from others. :) I’ve heard good things about both Biokovo and straight G. macrorrhizum as far as easy care, dependable coverage, not flashy but attractive, tolerating dryish shade and difficult spots.

Any opinions on which is better at what it does? I really would like to stick with one or the other since I have a small garden and coherence is important to me. Which do you prefer for a nice groundcover type plant that doesn’t ask much but gives solid performance?


(pregnant mama low on sleep caring for 2 fevered toddlers, so I hope this is coherent. Lol.)

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  • linaria_gw
    last year

    if the bed is shady, go for macrorrhizum, Geranium cantabrigiense wants full sun.

    the Geraium macrorrhizum is kind of a thug, it conquers the surrooundings sooner or later,

    so, if you want a low-maintenace groundcover that is fine

    fancy perennials will be overrun after few seasons.

    only caveat:

    they hate water logged soils in winter,

    so if you garden on clay or the area is compacted, don`t get this one

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  • laceyvail 6A, WV
    last year

    G. mac is not a thug and is very easily controlled simply by pulling out rhizomes. But, yes, that for shade, Biokovo or Karmina for sun.

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  • dbarron
    last year
    last modified: last year

    I have only grew straight mac when I was in Oklahoma, but I thought it was a slow spreader for me, attractive flowers when it does, and often nicely colored fall foliage. I like it.

    I tried Bevans here once..but as one plant blogger says 'It slipped away and no longer grows here'. This is probably due to the clay soil and poor drainage that i have now in my swampland.

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  • kitasei
    last year
    last modified: last year

    This is not a comparison to Biokovo, which I will be trying myself this year, but an observation about macrorhizzum, which I use liberally as a groundcover. I love its very neat edge. Like pachysandra, it eats leaves and forms patches so kempt that there’s no need to tidy its edge. I just mow along it. It is also the easiest plant to transplant, so no need to buy it if you have a friend with any. Finally, its magenta flowers bloom dependably with my PJM rhododendrons making a striking vignette every year.

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  • Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)
    Original Author
    last year

    Thank you all! I have a much better idea now about which plant is better for which spot. I really appreciate the input from you all.

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH
    last year

    Biokovo has a distinct scent when its leaves are brushed or bruised. I don’t much care for the scent, so mine is planted in an area where I don’t have frequent contact with it. I don’t think I would plant it again, though visually it is quite nice.

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  • bfox254
    last year

    Which of the macrorrhizum's has the best flower display?

  • User
    last year

    I like the white one best... I have various selections... this is 'album' and 'Bevans' in the background..

    I also think it goes well with Cotinus 'Grace' as it flowers just as the new foliage emerges.... this is a small plant but I've done the same with a very large Cotinus..

    I have no problem with cantabrigiense varieties in shade... these are 'Biokovo' and 'Vorjura'...

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  • bella rosa
    last year

    so beautiful.