Does my cactus have a disease?

Jonathan Dillard
10 months ago

I purchased this cactus about 8-9 months ago. At the time it was mostly green and may have had minimal signs of corking around the base. About 2 to 3 months ago it began to show these brownish-yellow marks in isolated spots and it slowly started to spread all around as you can see in the photos. There was one shoot in fact, that was completely light brown from the time it grew, and that shoot grew quite long and even had a healthy green shoot growing off it of it. I've sense removed that shoot because I was worried it was diseased. As you can see the plant overall is still showing lots of new growth. I'm still bothered by the strange coloring as it's not very pretty. I suspect it's not been getting enough light, as the best windows I have in my home are north east facing. So going forward I intend to supplement with a grow light. Any thoughts on what's going on with this cactus? Thanks so much!

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