Downsized, need help with townhouse exterior please

20 days ago

We downsized into a townhouse over the winter and this will be the first time in 36 years I don't have property to do/ plant whatever I want. I thought that I would be relieved not to have to do the back-aching work (since I am now over 60) but... the outside is boring. And I'm sure that I will also be bored a the weather warms up. First, our HOA states that we can plant any annuals that we want, but perennials and shrubs must be approved. It's a small development and the HOA seems to be a reasonable group, so that doesn't concern me. I will download photos below. There is a small "parklet" next to our end unit which is nice, but I want to have some color nearer our house. This front corner of the house faces east so it will get a good amount of sun in the summer. Looking at the last photo, the sod to the right of the main door has been replaced, but I was thinking that I could either petition the HOA to allow me to add a brick patio to match the apron in front of the garage, or turn it into a garden. I am not happy with the little marching lines of shrubs, but at least the maintenance company maintains them. Whatever I plant in the area with the electrical box, a/c unit and gas meters, they will have to be accessible. I am open to all suggestions on planting materials and also to what I can do with the "front porch". I can get a better photo later today. It's so boring, and that tiny balcony (after having an extensive patio in our previous 2 houses) is depressing. But we had to make the move, and we did, so I need to make the best of it. Suggestions, please, on anything that you think would help to add some color and style to our new home.

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