Fernstone Does it again

11 days ago

While working in the garden, I noticed that Fernstone is putting up the first bloom spikes, It seems early, but it always does.

I got the front left side of the garden mulched and the rest of the side garden weeded today. The back gardens are a weed-filled nightmare, however, and it is supposed to begin raining again tonight and to continue raining for several days, so I don't know when I will get back into the garden to mulch more and to finish weeding.

I will probably have to just continue weeding until we can get more mulch after I use the mulch on the right side of the front garden since it will probably take most of the mulch I have left. who knows when we can pick up more since I doubt Lowe's is considered a necessary business. right?

At least I have a really good start on weeding.


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