Lawn & Weed Control

Daniel Bodziak
9 days ago

I live in South Carolina. Moved into my home and had Bermudagrass sod laid November 2019. I have not had to care for my lawn up to this date, as it has not been out of dormancy. It is March and I have have begun to see some green come through but, the weeds are out of control. They are legitimately everywhere. I don’t know where to start as I have not had a lawn before. I have begun pulling them and will continue until I finish. My questions however, are:

  1. What is a weed killer that does not harm lawns?
  2. Anyone recommend a pre emergent herbicide to prevent weeds (including crabgrass)? If so, when do I apply and how often?
  3. Anyone recommend a fertilizer? If so how often should I apply?

Thanks in advance, I don’t know where to start so I’m looking for any input. Do I let the lawn take its course of action as it hasn’t been through spring/summer yet? Should I just spray for weeds anyways? I really don’t know anyone knowledgeable to ask.

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