planing grids tools from House for bathroom layout, 7ft X5.6

12 days ago

Are there planing grid tools available from House? My bath is 7ft by 5.6 ft with the door at the narrow end, leaving approx 28 inches. Need the tool to manipulate placement of toilet , 30 inch vanity & radiator. The tub will be placed at the end of the room.

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  • live_wire_oak

    Graph paper and pencil.

  • Nancy in Mich

    To answer you question, no Houzz does not have tools like that. I went through 5 years of waiting for the finances and then my builder to be available to remodel my bath. I learned some of the free version of SketchUp over those years, but finally gave up when they kept changing it every year and I didn't always have the energy to learn the new system. It does let you put things in according to size and has the ability to load in brand name fixtures that are in the library. It can be frustrating as heck, though. I ended up using pencil and graph paper once my builder was ready and I had to make final decisions.

  • 1pil

    The sketch up sounds like a great product. I have resorted to graph paper...

  • Nancy in Mich

    SketchUp is wonderful, but you have to build the room to put things in. I had problems doing that. I have no patience for tutorials, though. If you can go through the tutorials, it can work very well. I kept having stray lines ruin my "walls" because I did not build my walls with 3D blocks, but made flat sheets of wall substance that later would develop problems. It is great to be able to walk through your room, to be able to make a wall invisible so you can see part of the room from a different angle, and the ability to change a surface or component and simply see how it looks and feels.

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