Thrips? Cold damage? Nutrient deficiency? Help with snake plants!

Marlene (Zone 6b Boston, MA)
13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

My snake plants have been looking worse and worse, and I have been neglectful long enough. They are all showing leaves that are wrinkled, drooping or curling, and have weird brown patches/scarring. The large one in particular looks upset.

These plants are all in a chunky cactus/succulent soil mix, with drainage holes in the pots. I haven't been watering them frequently, about once a month. The mix is very chunky and dries out fast to the top two inches, and I err on the side of underwatering, but am wondering if these guys have gotten too dry.

The large plant and the mini one both get bright indirect light, the large one gets a couple hours of direct sun. The medium snake plant gets medium light. All three are in a room with two southwest facing windows.

Google is giving me too many options for what is wrong. Thrips? Cold damage? Underwatering? Not enough nutrients? (They haven't been fed...ever).

Any advice on how I can bring these babies back to their former glory would be greatly appreciated!

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