Help with backyard design needed

Anna Cunningham
last year
last modified: last year

This is my backyard. I apologise For the mess. Our dog stays in the house, but for afternoon, where he can run and be outside. The willow is hiding a chicken coop,

id like to design it a bit like an outside room. I am open to any suggestions that you might have. We live in zone 5 and the picture is facing south east, so the hill is north facing.

some ideas or what was done so far. I want to remove the outhouse on the right, since it is in the middle and not usable.

I’m dreaming on putting espalier trees along the fence but the deer or horses might chew on them.

we Are training our dog around electric fence, so his house would be placed near the deck. I would love to put a bench or Sitting area under the willow. The old stove needs to be removed. There is a water run off across this lawn from top tight to bottom left, so all fruit trees that i planted did not do good in the cray soil. I would love to dig up that water run area, line it with stone and make a seasonal water feature. I have made a little flower bed in the front, without any plan. The small tricolor willow was not planted by me, it grows huge and blocks the view and I keep Pruning it ever year. I would rather take it out and have a small magnolia there, or a small Japanese maple. in the back there is an unfinished playground.

thank you very much!

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