Hydroponic Seed Starting

So this year we tried something different and started seeds in my Aerogarden. I'm wondering whether I need to do anything special when I move them into pots. They're currently growing hydroponically with grow sponges, since that's how the Aerogarden works, but they need to transition to dirt, since that's how outdoor pots work.

I've got tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.

Media Question:

I know I plant the whole grow sponge, but is that all there is to it? Do you stick it in the potting mix and treat it like you would a seedling that started in dirt? Or do I need to do something to help them transition?

Lighting Question:

Right now they're under a low grow light which is a couple inches above the tallest, probably about six inches above the shortest. The whole Aerogarden is also next to a north facing window with shears; the plants do seem to notice it, but I don't think it's having much impact. What do I need to do when they go into pots? Would putting the pots in a south facing window be too little light, since they started under lights? (South window is how we start seed in dirt ... no lights.) The Aerogarden Sprout is the only grow light I own, but I might be able to rig something with a desk lamp, reading light, or something if it would help the transition. They obviously need to get to natural light eventually, since they are destined for outdoor pots (after hardening off, of course).

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