Help With Exterior Paint: Any Ideas Welcome

4 months ago

I'm so terrible at deciding or visualizing paint, especially with exterior. I was hoping that the good experts and people of Houzz could suggest some ideas based on our house.

  • The house is in an HOA which recently became more flexible. I need to check with them but I think "earth-tones" are accepted
  • We live on a street with about 8 houses that are almost identical, all with slightly different paint
  • Two houses are being painted now, grey/off white, and one with green tones. (Not thrilled with green tones)
  • Would love a fun/bright front door
  • Our house has stucco on the bottom portion, about 3/4 all the way around

Than you for taking the time to offer any suggestions. My pictures are a little tough as trees are starting to leaf out.

Front of the house:

Front /taken slightly to the left of the above picture:

Left Side (40ft tall) of house

Thank you so much for reading

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