Exterior Color Disaster!

Luke Warren
7 days ago

My wife and I have been slowly plugging away at our 1945 fixer upper. We're not quite sure of the style, we've been told its a mid-century, a colonial cape, others say cottage or something called minimal traditional. Whatever it is, we love it. We remodeled most of the inside, and with all the extra time on our hands we decided to tackle the outside. Before we knew it we cleared the garden beds, replaced half the rotted clapboards and pulled off the gutters to repair rot. Now we have a lot more structurally sounds house, but are stuck with a two tone paint/primer nightmare.

My wife and I weren't ready to paint, we wanted to update the gables first, but my gutter guy says sooner is better than later so we tried to dive in. We and are completely at odds with where to go with the color scheme though. She likes dark charcoal or a sage greens, and I want something bright like a salmon, butter cream, or a very traditional monochrome red/red like you'd see on an old colonial. Problem is, we don't know what the house needs. Suggestions welcome! By the way, we're in Atlanta, Ga.

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