Looking for golden leaved shrub

I've been looking at Lemony Lace Sambucus. But that's only because it popped into my head, and I know the nursery I'm going to in 2 days carries it.
No more than 3 feet tall due to a window. Plenty of width available. Open shade early morning, midday sun, late afternoon open shade. Soil is drier but obviously I'd water more to get a plant established.
I want something that stays golden and does not turn plain green in summer. Fall color change is fine.
To one side is a red Japanese maple so I really like the idea of the gold / red contrast.
No barberries or thorns. Pulled all mine out. No spirea. Have that and I'm tired of its masses of tiny dead twigs.
My hesitation with the Lemony Lace is wondering if it be full enough. I have a Black Lace elsewhere and it's so open and lacy it is almost invisible. It is also more olive than black. That does get less sun though.
Thanks for your help.

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