Recommendation on 30" pro gas range

13 days ago


Looking for some feedback on 30" gas ranges. We do a lot of stir fry, Indian style cooking and bake pizzas. Simmering is not a big deal. Can't remember last time I put something on low heat without standing and constantly moving it (reducing milk)

These are the 3 we are leaning towards.

Bluestar has open burner which is very nice but only 15K BTU (Open Burner is a big attraction)

Thermador has 18K BTU star shaped burner. They claim it is as good as open burner.

Kitchenaid has 20K BTU regular sealed burner but higher BTU. Will that overcome the star and open burner advantage?

Will appreciate any feedback. Kitchenaid is the cheapest (getting a deal). Thermador and Bluestar about 800$ more considering there is free dishwasher with Thermador.


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