Need General Decorating Help.

Larisa Kloske
11 days ago

Hi there,
I have a large living/dining area to decorate. The living room is approx. 21x17 and the dining area is 13x12. The total length of both areas and the walkway separating both rooms totals 37ft. in length.
I would like to use greens and grays with some light beige or off white and black for accenting. I have about three thousand dollars to spend, would appreciate any suggestions.
I am thinking of getting rid of the ladder shelves on either side of the t.v. as well as the coffee table.
I only have about three thousand to spend right now, and would love any suggestions on what to buy first and how to arrange the furniture, and maybe where to place any art on the walls.
I’ve never lived in such a big house and feel overwhelmed by trying to fill up such a large area.
Thank you all for any suggestions you can give me!

Here are some photos of what I am working with.

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