Hot, humid, but still blooming

last month

Heat index is 105 today. Humidity makes breathing difficult and it is steamy from the almost daily rains from the past two weeks. After doing the garden walk early this morning it has been an inside day! There are still a lot of blooms with last blooms open, plants finishing blooming, rebloom, and even some lates just now blooming. Here are just a few of those.

Laura Harwood continues to pump out this look every day.

Blackberry Dragon continues to look good. I am loving this color.

Indian Ripple is a late bloomer

Morning Sky finally stopped giving the droopy blooms that were looking at the ground and had these decent ones today.

Megillah gave FFEs today which were splotchy

FFE on Bighearted Jim

FFO on Queen of Camelot

Ocean Spirit

Lady Duck on rebloom. It sent up three rebloom scapes and just look at those buds!

Last bloom on My Big Brother Bobby-it has put on quite the show this year.

Maybe a few more in comments ....

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