Handling the dreaded mealybug

William Malone
3 months ago

I have a lot of my plants in a small unheated greenhouse for the summer. They stay out from May to late September, depending on weather. There are a variety of house plants in there including a large group of Hoyas. Because I'm a helicopter plant parent, I check the plants every day (sometimes multiple times a day!).

One day everything will be fine and the next I discover mealies! It's like the word goes out on the mealy social media web and instantly there's a flash mob of mealy bugs!

I treat all my plants with a solution of Neem Oil, mixed with water and a little Dawn dish soap. They are treated regularly every couple of weeks, and if mealies are spotted, then daily, spraying the colonies directly.

All that being said, it's almost as though the mealies have little bio hazard suits, and are not affected by the treatments. I am to the point of using something stronger, and since everything is outside, and the GH is always open to the environment (doors and windows are kept open 24/7), what do any of you recommend to combat these little suckers?

Anything stronger, different regiments, any suggestions are welcome. for those of you saying pick them off with a q-tip in alcohol, that's good for sniping the one or two which are seen, but I want to destroy the supply areas, the staging areas, and the reserve replacement troops.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

thanks all....

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