Help with curb appeal and full sun plants

Mrs. Applegate
6 days ago
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Hi everyone,

I am from New Carrollton, Maryland, US and is my first time here posting in Discussions. I hope to get some help for my south-facing house.

Ps.: I deleted the maple information since I moved it this morning, August 1st.

My main problem is the lack of a nice softscaping landscaping design and ideals plants that serve my zone 7 and total full sun south-facing front yard.

Some drought tolerance desig if that's the right term, low maintenance, but I could have some flowers.

As you can see the flower beds are filled with rocks since the plan was to have plants in pots, but I haven't done it yet. It is difficult without a professional help to choose ideal plants for my front yard and right pots, especially in this pandemic times (I'm having a hard time for someone from my local nursery to come here).

Also another reason to be get help here ( I think this idea of "Discussions" post is awesome ) is because I would try to do it by myself since I spent a lot already updating my front yard (photos from before below).

I appreciate it!


Before the new sod installation

My husband did all the cleaning and all the soil prep for new sod to be installed. So proud!

The clean up

The prep

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