Cement board and thin set only for shower?

Linda Dornan
6 days ago

We just signed a contract for a full Master Bath remodel. The designer went over the steps for building the shower: custom mud pan with liner extending 12 inches up each wall, cement board, thin set, porcelain tile and TEC grout. Their tile installers (they have 2) don’t use a vapor barrier or liquid membrane, such as Hydro Ban. They say that their process is waterproof.

I have looked and looked for clear, definitive standards that specify how to properly waterproof a shower. Some agree with my GC’s guys, some insist on a barrier or membrane.

I need something to show my GC, if it’s true that using Hydro Bam etc. is required. A link to share would be especially helpful, since I’m up to my neck in widely disparate opinions and views. I need clarity! I don’t know enough to some down firm on this, but I’ve been on Houzz enough to know a little.

I appreciate any expert guidance you may offer.

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