Bronze bell displayed!

2 days ago

I wanted to post this, since I'd previously asked for ideas on a few forums (including this one) for how to display my new bronze bell from the Cosanti foundry. We were going to have my dad make a post with cross arm and corbel, which would have been charming I think, but ended up finding three solid wrought iron shepherds hooks for the grand sum of $25, so the bell display ended up costing a whopping $8 and change. Can't beat that! The hard part was getting the darn thing into the hard, clay and part concrete (house is 5 years old so the soil still bears remnants of the builder's sloppy discards), and I must have worked with this for a solid 3 hours before finally getting it in! Anyway, I'm happy with the hook and with the addition of the bell to our little garden. I tend to gravitate towards the rather funky side of garden art, and this is actually opening my mind to ideas for elsewhere.

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