Measures to Compensate for Tree Competition ?

After getting an estimate for cutting a tree close to my rose bed, we decided not to do it.

Very expensive, it's a healthy tree, and it's just not worth it for the few roses I can grow there as a novice. So the few roses I have in that area will have to do with the competition from the tree.

I know it's not ideal but I don't have another spot and the tree cannot come down.

(Those container projects had better work out).

Given these parameters, are there any measures I can take to help the roses hold their own in the battle with the big tree nearby? Or will I simply have to accept lower performance?

Water and fertilize More often?

Amend the soil in the area with as much compost as possible?

I am now pretty sure the competition from the tree is an issue because my 3 yo roses are clearly smaller than what they were expected to grow in 3 years. At first I thought it was because of the neglect last summer when we were away, and the hard pruning and I had to do...but I am pretty sure it's the tree too. I do remember battling roots when I dug up their holes.

Thanks so much!

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