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Hello, For the past 5 years I've been a reader/lurker and I've learned so much. You've helped me complete a bathroom layout redo/remodel as well as a kitchen complete with knocking down some walls. I am beginning to brainstorm how to layout the master "suite" and I welcome your thoughts.

The house is a colonial built in the early 60s. We anticipate staying for awhile (15-20 years). It's me and my husband, two kids age 5 & 3, and a dog. The picture you see is the original architect's floorplan for the second floor. I don't think the measurements are precise, but the other photo shows the precise measurements that I took.

My overarching goal is to make the three rooms you see a master "suite" by closing off the bathroom door that is just to the left as you come up the stairs add a door basically right as you come up the stairs to the right.

Right now the bathroom is gutted. The small room is currently used as an exercise room, and my husband uses the closet in that room for his clothes, along with a chest of drawers. I use the closet in the big bedroom, along with a chest of drawers. This is almost but not quite enough space for our clothes. We have a king bed, nightstands, and a dog bed in our bedroom but nothing else and the size is fine for us.

What do you think of the layout that I propose? It is the path of least resistance in terms of moving the plumbing and keeping the window on the far right wall. (That exterior wall faces the street, so I'd like to maintain the existing window symmetry. The wall to the top in the photo faces the back woods, so no issues with changing windows.)

Edited to add more detail.

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