adding a closet to a bedroom - where?

5 months ago

Hi! A friend told me that the Houzz community is a great resource, so here I am with my own design dilemma :)

We live in a 1920 rowhouse. The closet in what is currently the master bedroom is very narrow (though strangely deep), so it only fits my husband's clothes. My clothes are currently in another bedroom closet, but my baby is moving out of the nursery and into that bedroom so I need to move my clothes.

In the long term - like, in a few years - we're going to do a significant renovation of the upstairs of the house. The only thing that will change about the current master bedroom is that the current closet will be incorporated into the hall bath, which means that eventually we'll need to add a new closet to the room anyway. When the renovation happens, another room will become the master bedroom.

In the short term, the thought is to build a proper closet in the master that will encompass the current closet. We'll put a tall narrow dresser in the current closet and then the build-out will have hanging rods and sliding doors. (See the image for a mock-up.)

My husband's concern is that building out a closet into the bedroom will make our bedroom feel too cramped and crowded. We have a king-sized bed, so it's true there won't be room for much more than walking around the bed, but... we really don't use the bedroom for anything not bed-related, so I don't see a problem with that. Are there other solutions I'm not thinking of, though? I'm totally open to other ideas. Thank you so much!

Dimensions: the bedroom not counting the closet blip is 10'4"w x 15' long. The current closet blip is 34"w x 40"l. I put tape on the floor of the bedroom to measure a closet build-out of 72"w and 36"d (not including the current closet).

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