Need help with closet customisation

Hot Rod
3 months ago

We are buying a condo that has one small master closet that is 4' deep and 7' wide. The out-swinging door is centered on one of the 7' walls, with a light switch inside the closet, to the right. It currently has two metal wire shelf/hanging combos on either side, at a height that facilitates hanging of street dresses and men's slacks hung from the hems using slacks hangers.

The master bedroom is also relatively small, so we'd like to maximise storage within the closet, to include some shelving and possibly drawers, along with adding a double hanging area on one side or the other for shirts, blouses, skirts, etc.

I've been all over pinterest and am unable to find anything using my regular search terms. Can anyone help with providing links to thoughtfully designed small closets?


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