Solid Oak Double Entry Doors

last month


We have ugly cheap metal entry doors which need painting. I have been putting it off until we can afford a good paint sprayer. I would love to replace them with fiberglass doors but they're of our price range. I found used doors for $300 that are advertised as solid oak. They are the same size and orientation as ours except an inch shorter. Our son said that it wouldn't be difficult for him to add an inch to the bottom of the door. He does quality work but if the added piece didn't look great, we could cover it with a metal kick plate?

I've included photos of our entry. Pretty embarrassing. One of the side lights is foggy so will need replacing. Would oak doors look silly with the white trim? Is it a worthwhile upgrade or should we just paint the old doors? I would also be interested in opinions on whether to leave the oak as-is or re-stain a darker color.

We live in a hot, dry climate. The doors are somewhat sheltered and face south so is it likely that the finish would hold up if refinished every couple of years? I wish we could get rid of the ugly screen doors but we like to open the doors in the morning and evening to allow cool air to enter the house. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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