Help with Kitchen Design Layout Please!

Kerry Channon
2 months ago

First time homeowner here and our house flooded before we even moved in, so now I need to redo our kitchen. It was on our "5 year" list but, it has been fast-tracked and I am really struggling with the best way to lay everything out. It is very non-functional right now. It is a long and narrow space (in relation to the length) and we've got multiple entrances on both sides of the kitchen, along with a non-functional fireplace that has a vent from the basement that makes us unable to reconfigure the fireplace space for a fridge or stove/oven.

I've attached a few pictures. As you can see (on the pictures facing in to the kitchen with the stove - sans hood - on the back wall) there are two archways on the left that are entrances from the foyer and upstairs. Then on the right, there are two entrances into our sunroom which we use as a living space and our main dining space whenever we have family over and will serve as our main dining room once we can actually have guests post-covid. There is also an uncentered window that looks out on to the sunroom.

My biggest challenges with the layout right now:

  • I want a large sink and it can't be centered on the island in front of the stove if I put a dishwasher next to it. Right now, i've got no place to put dirty dishes to wash and be able to stack up the clean pots and pans to dry, etc.
  • Right now, everything is too close together to be functional. The sink, stove and fridge are all on top of each other.
  • What to do with the window to nowhere? Embrace it and make it beautiful (arch it to mimic the archways on the other wall) or cover it up entirely? We don't get a ton of natural light, so I'd prefer to not lose it but maybe I just need some convincing. I attached an inspiration picture of what I would like to transform the window area into, realizing yes, that I will not be looking out onto the outdoors, but a sunroom.

I've landed on two ideas which I've outlined below but am obviously open to any others as I believe there is a better alternative:

Option 1 - Double Island Layout

Back island can be just focused on prep with a 24 inch prep sink and disposal, as this is where the kitchen sink is currently laid out. The other island will be seating and some drawers for dishes, as I'd add in a centered sink, dishwasher and trash setup underneath and using this as the main dish area. I'd include drawers for the dishes in the island right behind the sink to make it easy to put dishes away. I put together a layout in RoomSketcher for this one.

Option 2 - Single Island Layout

One large island (12 feet long?) and moving the sink to the side with the door and window so that I can have a dishwasher next to the sink. I think I'd have to narrow the island to ensure I'd have enough room between the island and wall cabinetry and then just do seating on one side of the island.

Any advice you have will be so appreciated as I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've never owned a house and have spent my last 10+ years in an apartment so haven't even had the luxury of thinking about ideal layouts or functions for a kitchen. I just don't want to make the wrong decision - thanks!

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