Yellow spots on House plants

Ian Thompson
last month

Hi all,

new to the app/site but need some house plant advice and hope someone can part with some knowledge. 🙂

I've noticed little small yellow spots on my Philodendron Laciniatum. It started out as one or two little dots. Then the dots seem to multiply.

I’ve checked, double checked and panic checked for pests and couldn’t see any. Treated the plant with neem oil to only have more dots appear. The plant gets good light and water. Wondering if this is a fertiliser, fungus or bacteria issue? (or any other issue I’m unaware of)

I’ve just noticed today that my Alocasia Stingray has the same issue yet not a single pest in sight, unless i’m suffering temporary blindness.

The photos below show the plant as normal and then the plant under a light to show the dots.

cheers for any help, it is very much appreciated.