Dragon tree drooping and bending

Brianna Acuesta
2 months ago


One week ago I repotted my dragon tree after it had been in the same pot and soil for probably 3 years (terrible, I know). I could tell it wasn’t thriving because the rate of leaves being dropped had increased, one top root was exposed, and all the leaves had yellow to brown tips.

I pruned some of the larger leaves to get the size down, loosened all the roots to fully get rid of the old soil, and separated the different parts of the tree. I potted 2 of the parts together and another part separately. I put them in the same part of the house that they were in before. I watered them once, misted them twice, and that’s it in the last week. Within a day, they each bent away from the sun and all the leaves are drooping. The bottom leaves are dropping like crazy. What did I do wrong? Is it just in shock? Will it bounce back?

I for sure need to buy a bigger pot for both but they each have waaaay more space for roots right now than they did before. Here is the one where I put 2 together.

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