Frameless Cabinet Lighting

Jennifer K
29 days ago

I’m trying to decide how to accommodate lighting in my frameless cabinet kitchen.

Cabinet doors will be white shaker with white shaker panels on all cabinet ends that will extend past the box to create an inset look.

These are the ideas I’ve seen:

1. Put a piece of trim all the way around edges of base cabinets - this would extend flush with the cabinet doors which would continue with the inset look:

2. Extend the doors and side panels below the box

3. Extend the side panels and have the bottom “shaker rail” thicker so it lines up with the front rail and then add a front piece of trim. This is what my cabinet maker suggested. I don’t have a picture of this strategy.

4. Drill a hole in the bottom of the cabinet box to install lighting (recess the little circle lights) and then put a second bottom inside the cabinet to hide the lighting.

I think I would prefer option 2 since it seems the most simple - but I haven’t asked the cabinet maker if they can do this. I’m worried their suggestion of an extra piece of trim along the bottom that is always exposed would get dinged up as dishes are pulled in and out of the cabinet - it would also make it really obvious if the doors were out of alignment at all since there would be a horizontal line right in your face.

Am I overthinking this?

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